Welcome to Xavier College

In a world of change we are guided by the principles of Jesuit education formed over 460 years ago by St Ignatius of Loyola. Our inspiration is Jesus Christ who modelled a fulfilled human life. We seek to form reflective, compassionate and articulate men and women of Christian faith, hope and love.

At Xavier College, we challenge our students to pursue excellence in all things within and beyond the classroom. Education for life in the true sense – intellectual, spiritual, moral and social – means ensuring that each individual achieves his or her highest potential. There is a joy and spiritual freedom that grows out of striving for that Jesuit ideal of the "magis", which involves a deep thirst for understanding and for the ability to look within to seek the greater good and the most courageous responses to the challenges of our time.

We invite you to discover how Xavier College can help to develop the God-given gifts and talents of your son or daughter.

Wishing you every blessing.

Fr Chris Middleton SJ (Rector)
Dr Christopher Hayes (Principal)