Edition 10, 17 July 2015

VCE News

Subject Selection - Year 10 students wishing to do a Units 3 and 4 subject in 2016 (Acceleration)

An application for a Unit 3 and 4 subject is NOT automatic.

The student will need to:

  •  have achieved grades of B or higher in predominantly all Semester 1 subjects.
  •  have achieved grades of B or higher in the study (or its close equivalent) that they wish to pursue at a Unit 3 & 4 level in 2016.
  •  have demonstrated sound organisational skills.
  •  have demonstrated a level of maturity and commitment considered satisfactory by their tutor, teachers and other relevant personal (e.g. Head of House).

Application Forms to do a Unit 3 and 4 subject in Year 11, 2016 will be emailed to Year 10 students in the week of 27 July.

Compulsory Year 12 Trial Examinations  -  Term 3 Holidays

There will be Trial Examinations conducted in the second week of the Term 3 Holiday break for all Year 12 subjects. Boarders will need to make appropriate arrangements.


Paul Angus
VCE Coordinator