Edition 10, 17 July 2015

From the Principal

Dr Chris Hayes

Dear Parents and Guardians

I hope you have had a safe and enjoyable time with your children home for the semester holidays. The time to refresh and renew is always vital so that we can give of our best. Over the break I am indebted to our general staff who have continued to ensure that our facilities across the three campuses are in first class condition for when the students return. The construction work at the Senior Campus, near the Chapel is improving the disabled access to the College.

On Monday 13 July the staff gathered in various locations to explore further the meaning of our College theme for the year of Striving for the Magis. The spirituality of the staff is a key component in ensuring that our students live in an environment in which we are seeking God in all things. We view this investment in all our staff as critical to building a community where service to others is at the forefront of all our learning experiences. I thank Ms Christine Fonseca, and all the staff who volunteered to lead a variety of experiences, for their expertise and generosity. The greatest resource any school has is the depth and quality of the staff.

I thank all the staff who were involved in a large number of student activities and planning during the break including tours overseas and interstate, as well as training for the senior sporting teams. I am always impressed when I read the reflections of students when they have been given the opportunity to tour, to engage in a new culture or to experience a new form of learning. The expansion of one's understanding and experience of new emotions is always at the heart of true growth.

In the next three weeks all parents, students and staff will be encouraged to complete a three campus- wide survey on Xavier's current performance as a school. We take very seriously the views of our whole community on how we can continue to improve. This survey will also allow us to benchmark our performance with other Catholic and Independent schools in Victoria. When the data is available and we have shared it with the College Council and staff it is very important for our wider community to be aware of the results.

The College Executive are also reviewing our curriculum offerings for next year. As the core business of every school is teaching and learning, we are attempting to be at the forefront of delivering a world- class educational experience, as well as being authentic as a contemporary Jesuit school. This will inevitably give rise to the welcomed tensions of bringing positive change. As we move forward we need constantly to be discerning how we might do things more effectively. Anything less would be unworthy of a Jesuit school.

Blessings and peace for the coming week.

Chris Hayes