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Edition 7, 14 May 2015
Fr Chris Middleton SJ

It has been a rather hectic fortnight with the Maytime Fair, the media story surrounding the handling of historic abuse allegations at Xavier and Mothers’ Day celebrations taking place on all three campuses.

Dr Chris Hayes

Last Sunday's Mothers' Day celebration is a reminder to us all, whether our own mother is alive on this earth or not, of the importance of gratitude for those who have given themselves selflessly so that we can have life to the full.

  • The Assistant Archivists Iggy and his little sister Frances, have left the Archives for a Bid Day Out!

  • Xavier College has reviewed the way parents and guardians access our digital platforms. These include the Xavier College Website, Portal and App and shortly Coneqt-P, a parent’s view of your child’s classes. 

  • The Xavier Social Justice Network warmly invites you to join us for the Jesuit Refugee Services Dinner at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club on Wednesday 10 June 7:00pm - 10:00pm. The theme for the evening is ‘Opening the doors’. 

  • Around four hundred mothers, grandmothers and children gathered in Garnet Hall to attend Mass celebrated by Father Chis Middleton SJ, enjoy a catered breakfast and receive a flower and gift from their child.  It was a lovely way to start the day, 

  • Students should practice orally re-reading text that is reasonably easy for them

  • In current times, it has become evident that being intelligent is not sufficient in order to succeed

  • Research has consistently shown if parents and students feel connected to their school it can lead to improved student learning outcomes.

  • The Dean of Operations & Middle Years has a responsibility for the administration of the campus (Kindergarten – Year 8).

  • The inaugural Mothers’ Day Breakfast was a great hit with mums and students and the Mothers’ Day Stall was an exciting shopping experience for our students also.