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Edition 2, 12 February 2014
Fr Thomas Renshaw SJ

As we have begun this new school year I have been struck the sense of excitement and dedication of the staff and students as I have visited each campus. It is deeply consoling to see the students and staff strive for the magis, searching for depth in the very many different endeavours that take place across the College each day. I have been pleased to be able to celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit on each campus asking for God’s blessing on all that we will do as the Xavier Community in 2014.

Dr Chris Hayes

It is pleasing to see the way in which a school year begins at Xavier. Within minutes of the proverbial “opening bell”, students are in class and that busy hum of activity and purpose is clearly heard. It was hard to put thoughts of summer holidays behind us as we returned in the middle of a substantial heat wave, however I do thank the students for the way they have settled back into school life so readily. I also thank our grounds and maintenance staff for the beautiful presentation of our three campuses for the students’ return; to our administration staff who have worked so effectively to set up the template for the new year and to our teachers, our Ignatian educators who engage, challenge and affirm our students.

  • Our College theme this year is ‘A faith that does justice.’ 

  • Students who travel by bus to the Kew Junction are currently being encouraged to walk, as the public bus service cannot always accommodate the volume of students travelling the short distance to the junction.

  • It was wonderful to meet so many of you recently at the Parent Information Evening. I hope your son feels secure and happy, that his transition into his new class has been trouble-free and that during the year he finds that sense of belonging, which is an aspect of Xavier education upon which we pride ourselves.