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Edition 18, 19 November 2015
Fr Chris Middleton SJ

For many of us, on getting up on Saturday, the news of the attacks in Paris caused again a note of fear or frustration. Be it in Iraq or London or Bali, or in a plane in the air, or on the steps of an office in Parramatta, such violence has too often become part of life.

Dr Chris Hayes

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris bring home the reality of the vulnerability and preciousness of life.  It is in the moments of great pain and anguish that give us the opportunity to spring into action. 

  • In 1967 Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ, former Superior General of the Society of Jesus, stated the following: “If our schools are to perform as they should, they will live in a continual contention between the old and the new, the comfortable past and the uneasy present.”

  • We are currently planning for 2016 in the Senior Campus Music School.  In order for teachers to prepare their timetables and to get a clear indication of their teaching allocation, it is essential that 2016 instrumental tuition enrolments are finalised by Friday 20 November 2015.

  • On behalf of the Xavier College Sport Department I would like to take this opportunity to thank the class of 2015 for their commitment to the Xavier sporting program over many years. We hope that your experiences have been positive and have contributed to your enjoyment of school life. 

  • On Sunday morning I shared in the celebration of the Eucharist with our Year 4 students and families.

  • We believe that the opportunity to be a part of a kindergarten or school that is based on a loving and caring community is central to educating the whole person.

  • With only a few weeks remaining in the year, it is important that all boys maintain their high standards in all aspects of their learning.