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Edition 15, 10 September 2014
Fr Chris Middleton SJ

Over this last week there will have been a number of occasions when we have celebrated fathers and reflected on the vocation of fatherhood. For some, too, such occasions are a time of sorrow in remembering fathers whom we have lost. For others, also, there are real notes of pain and sorrow with the absence of fathers through the breakdown of relationships.

Dr Chris Hayes

Last weekend I was very fortunate to attend the School Council Retreat led by the new Rector of Xavier College, Fr Chris Middleton SJ.  The opportunity to reflect prayerfully and to discern what really matters in the present and future directions for Xavier College with members of the College Council, was an invaluable occasion.

  • Last Sunday, the first Sunday in September, Fathers’ Day was celebrated in Australia and, coincidently, in New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.  

  • A reminder that Learning Progress Discussions will be held at Burke Hall in the St Mary MacKillop Building on Thursday September 11 commencing at 4:00pm and concluding at 8:00pm. 

  • As the end of the term approaches I would like to remind parents of the official start and end of each day.