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Edition 12, 13 August 2015
Fr Chris Middleton SJ

Adam Goodes has dominated talk in the AFL over the last fortnight, and in doing so has exposed sensitivities over race in Australia. Many Australians, including many of the boys here at Xavier, have reservations about the narrative that was played out about Goodes being a victim of racism. There was a sense that he should ‘toughen up’ and not whinge.

  • The St Ignatius’ Day Mass on Friday 31 August was a truly moving experience. Involving students and staff from the three campuses, it was a powerful statement of who we are as a community and who we are at our heart. 

  • Social Justice Month runs from Monday 3 August to Friday 28 August 2015.

  • Students are well into the process of subject selection.  PowerPoint presentations and handouts from the evening information sessions and student assemblies are available on the College Portal under Curriculum ➝ Subject Selection Information.

  • Congratulations to all the boys who performed in the Xavier and Sacré Coeur production of Peter Pan Junior.  It was a professional, engaging and dynamic production.  The Performing Arts are a very important part of a Jesuit education.

  • The Dean of Operations & Middle Years has a responsibility for the administration of the campus (Kindergarten – Year 8).

  • Our Art Captains Paddy Lamb and Will Allen had a very busy week last week promoting the Arts in the Early Years.