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Edition 11, 30 July 2015
Fr Chris Middleton SJ

On Friday, the College joins Jesuit schools and universities, and all our other Jesuit works around the world, in celebrating the Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola. It is one of the few occasions when all our students and staff from Burke Hall, Kostka Hall and the Senior campus are gathered together.

  • Your education at Xavier is, at its heart, about relationships and giving thanks for these relationships and showing respect for them through action.


  • Social Justice Month begins 3 August. Traditionally the last week of August each year has been deemed Social Justice Week. This year, in keeping with the College theme of Striving for the Magis, this week is being extended to the whole of August to become Social Justice Month. 

  • The VCE November Examination Timetable is now available on the VCAA website.

  • Last week was a busy time for parents attending the College with two quite different topics providing evening information sessions of interest to us all.

  • At Xavier College, we recognise that every child develops at a different rate intellectually, physically and emotionally.

  • I hope that your boys have settled into the term and that you have had the opportunity as a family to sit down and discuss some learning goals for this semester.


  • A recent online Jesuit newsletter featured a poem which is a beautiful summary of what it means to live Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, written by Rebecca Ruiz, reminding us of the values to which we aspire.

  • The Dean of Operations and Middle Years has a responsibility for the administration of the campus (Kindergarten – Year 8).

  • Creativity is in the air. Open ended play items are part of the playground.