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Edition 1, 5 February 2015
Fr Chris Middleton SJ

As we commence a new school year, it is worth reflecting on our identity as a school community at Xavier.  More specifically, we might ask the question as to why our parents send their children to Xavier?

Dr Chris Hayes

A very warm welcome to the 2015 school year!  We extend special greetings to all our new students, families and staff and we thank you for your faith and trust in choosing our school.

  • Scholarships will be offered for students entering Years 7, 9 and 11 in 2016 and, as the following details describe, are available in a number of different categories

  • On arrival in India our senses were on high alert engaging with the sights, sounds, smells of Kolkata. On Day 1 we visited the Mother House of the Missionary Sisters of Charity where we sat in silence in the chapel which holds the tomb of Mother Teresa.

  • Each eNewsletter, the Assistant Archivists Iggy and his little sister Frances, will take a closer look at items that are held by the College Archives, helping us understand our extensive and rich history.

  • I join you after having had the privilege of working in Jesuit education in various capacities and across a number of institutions for the last fifteen years. 

  • Parents new to the Senior Campus and new to Xavier College are encouraged to attend the New Parent/Tutor Evenings.

  • Sport plays a significant role in the life of a Xavier student and the College strongly supports the need for a healthy balance in the programs offered to our young men.

  • Our College theme “Striving for the Magis” has been a big focus these last few days as we encourage students to commit themselves fully and to give of their best to their academic studies and their co-curricular pursuits in music, sport and the performing arts.

  • It is important to stress at the commencement of each year that the successful education of a young person is built upon a partnership between the student, parents and the school.

  • If you have any questions or queries about the year ahead, please do not hesitate to come in and see me. I look forward to sharing a relaxing and fun afternoon with you on Sunday 8 February at Jazz on the Lawn.