Edition 10, 17 July 2015

Director of Kostka Hall

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is wonderful to have the children back on campus after the three week break looking happy, healthy and relaxed.

I trust that you had time in the break to discuss your son’s or daughter’s semester report with them, and affirm them in their growth, as well as discussing future learning goals for Semester 2.

On Monday staff across all three campuses were involved in professional learning in relation to their spiritual development. We had a number of options from which to choose and all completed our own religious retreat.

Across the year staff are actively involved in their own learning in a variety of areas from curriculum development, student wellbeing, educational leadership and being an educator in the Jesuit tradition. As a learning community we all strive for the Magis in our learning. We place an emphasis on both staff and students continuing to be lifelong learners.

Congratulations to the following students who were presented with the Spirit of Kostka Awards at the end of Term 2. These students have displayed Christian values of generosity, thoughtfulness and respect, demonstrated a commitment to their learning and co-curricular activities, are cooperative with staff, students and visitors to the Xavier Community; exhibited the courage to make a difference and have a positive influence on their peers.

Olivia Allen, Foundation Ignatius

Sam Denison, 1 / 2 MacKillop

Elias Ladas, Year 3 Ogilvie

Tom Scalzo, Year 4 Ricci

Matthew Clark, Year 5 Arrupe

Hugh Bourke, Year 5 Canisius

Sam Noonan, Year 6 Arrupe

William Longhurst, Year 6 Canisius

Gus Rose, Year 7 Arrupe

Joseph Clausen, Year 7 Canisius

Liam Coysh, Year 7 MacKillop

Louis Commins, Year 8 Arrupe

Bear Lack, Year 8 Canisius

Linus Bell, Year 8 MacKillop


At the end of last term we also farewelled Stella Limberis from the Kostka Hall Campus. She has taken up the full time position of Secretary to the Director of Senior Campus. We warmly welcomed back Bernie Maclean, Secretary to the Director of Kostka Hall Campus. It is great to have Bernie back and to hear of all her travel adventures in the last few months. Kelly-Ann Dewar, who was replacing Stella Limberis, will now be ongoing as our Kostka Hall Receptionist. We are delighted that she is able to stay with us.

I look forward to working with your children striving for the Magis this semester.


Kathleen Upfold
Director of Kostka Hall