Edition 10, 17 July 2015

Dean of Operations

Student Absence
Please find below an outline of the correct procedure when students are away from school:

  • Phone Reception Absentee Line on 9854-5434 before 9:00am if students will not be attending that day, or will be late.
  • Students must report to Reception when arriving to school late.
  • Written explanation to be given to the Homeroom Teacher on return
  • Notify the Music office regarding absenteeism affecting instrumental tuition on 9855-4169 before 8:30am
  • For early departures written permission is required, as is the signing of the register at Reception before the students leave the school grounds
  • For longer absences a letter to the Director is required
  • Parents will be notified via email if students are absent without any recorded notification from home

School Pick up and Drop Off
As a family, please take time to discuss road safety and consider the following:

  • Use a pedestrian crossing whenever possible
  • Avoid crossing the road between parked cars; you will be virtually invisible to oncoming traffic
  • Children to hold the hand of an adult when crossing a road (even the quieter looking ones)
  • Cars are not to double park, park illegally, obstruct driveways or use the Caritas Christi Hospice car park
  • Older students need to walk home in groups and to remind each other of the importance of staying safe (walking home alone is not preferable)
  • Take your time – don’t compromise safety for anything
  • Parents are to observe 40km / hour speed signs
  • Adults and older students to model positive road safety and awareness strategies or practices at all times

For more information, please visit:


Parents and students are asked not to use Gate 7 in McEvoy Street for pick up and drop off. Gate 7 is a delivery and grounds thoroughfare often having large trucks delivering goods and removing rubbish. 

Changes to the AM timetable of the Kew School bus routes
As of the beginning of Term 3 (Monday 13 July 2015), there will be changes to the AM timetable of the Kew School bus routes – this includes routes 151, 153 and 155.

To improve service reliability and punctuality, most morning services will arrive at schools approximately five minutes earlier to avoid traffic build up associated with parents dropping off children. 

Transdev would appreciate your assistance in communicating this information to your children. Parents and students are encouraged to review the timetable changes to ensure that you are aware of any bus departure changes.

Copies of each school bus timetable have been attached directly onto the school portal under Public Transport: (https://portal.xavier.vic.edu.au/Portal/services/new-parent-information/new-parents-burke-hall-middle-years).

Please note, this information has also been uploaded onto the Transdev website (www.transdevmelbourne.com.au).

Tips for Courteous Behaviour on Public Transport
Students are asked to follow these tips for a safe and enjoyable journey when using public transport:

•              Have your MYKI card ready before boarding

•              Always give way to passengers leaving a service

•              Always offer your seat to passengers

•              Don't place your feet or bags on seats

•              Keep doorways and aisles clear of bags and other obstructions

•              Keep the volume of your conversations at a reasonable level

For more information, please visit:


School Pick Up from Sport
Students who are leaving directly from sporting venues during the school week are required to present a signed note to the supervising teacher. Students also need to ensure that they announce their departure to the supervising teacher to ensure that their supervision is marked on the attendance roll.

David Lanigan
Dean of Operations