The Xavier Building Program

Xavier College is currently undergoing an unprecedented transformation of our structures and built form. It is an incredibly exciting period in our proud history.

In 2019, the College completed its new Strategic PlanXC150. You can read more about the plan here.

In 2020, Xavier announced a key restructure of the College, centred across two campuses.

From the commencement of 2024, Burke Hall would become a Kindergarten to Year 6 Junior School and the Senior Campus would embrace Years 7 and 8 students and become a Years 7 - 12 Campus. 

Master Plans

Consequently, a comprehensive Master Plan was developed and endorsed that provided the development blueprint for the College into the foreseeable future. Encompassing the entire footprint of the College, the Master Plans for the Junior School (Burke Hall) and the Senior School ensure that the strategic vision for Xavier is aligned with the purposeful development of the College's facilities.

SC Master Plan
Master Plan for the Senior School - campus overview

For further insight into the Senior Campus Master Plan, click here.


BH Master Plan
Master Plan for the Junior School (Burke Hall) - campus overview

For further images on the Burke Hall Master Plan, click here

Our Current Building Program

Fundamental to the strategic shift of moving Year 7 and 8 to the Senior Campus is the development of a state-of-the-art precinct for these students.

In May 2022, Xavier commenced construction on this exciting new development. Known as the Central Precinct Development Project, this comprehensive building program will also see extensive parking, drop-off and end-of-trip facilities under the Chapel Oval, immediately adjacent to the new Year 7-8 Kostka Building. 

This project commences the entire transformation of the Senior School at Xavier.

The following video provides an overview of the state-of-the-art Year 7&8 Kostka Building, to be completed for the beginning of 2024:

For up-to-date project information, including time-lapse progress videos and building updates, please refer to this link.

Our Future Building Program

Xavier is currently re-imagining many further areas and facilities on our two beautiful campuses. We intend to commence a number of these projects in the near future. These projects include:

Senior School:

  • A Senior Learning Commons and Library
  • Sports Complex and Gathering Hall
  • Music Centre of Excellence
  • Boarding House
  • New House areas and classroom upgrades
  • A Student Services and Wellbeing Hub
  • Our own ‘Xavier Tan’ mile track

Junior School:

  • STEM Research Centre
  • New Year 3-4 Precinct
  • Reception and staff facilities
  • Nature-based play amenities and discovery circuit

For a broad overview of some of the projects envisaged for the Senior Campus, the following video offers further insights:

Spinola Family House Mass - President's Reflection
Spinola Family House Mass - President's Reflection
Middle Years Athletics Carnival
Middle Years Athletics Carnival
Big Freeze in the Bay - Simon Polinelli (OX 1983) and Richard Coyne (OX 1983)
Big Freeze in the Bay - Simon Polinelli (OX 1983) and Richard Coyne (OX 1983)
XC at 'Generations in Jazz'
XC at 'Generations in Jazz'
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